Sunday, July 28, 2013

Swimming class.

On Friday I placed the camera in the trunk of the car, because I wanted to make sure to take pictures of SS in class. The first few weeks of class were difficult because SS was scared of being in the water. It didn't help that it was her first time in the water without us. Taking last summer off from swimming really did a number on our girl. We are not the type of parents to force activities on SS, and so far what she does is because she asks. But in the same manner that we will never allow her to do gymnastics or be a cheerleader, we do require that she learns to swim. It is non negotiable. We are not saying that she needs to join a team, or be crazy about the activity, but she will learn to swim.   SS being the stubborn child that she is did put up a good fight, but is now enjoying getting in the pool. 

SS's size and the remnants of her SWI life have really been a major impediment.  We had an appointment with her pediatrician to discuss our concerns, but he basically blew us off as over eager parents. We will be looking for another pediatrician because SS certainly needs a throughout evaluation. Her little legs and arms only have so much strength, and something as simple as swimming takes a lot out of her. It is obvious in the videos below that she is struggling, but at least she keeps trying.  We also requested a referral for speech therapy, but Dr. B said that it can only be done through the school district. I talked to her teacher about our concerns, but she blew me off as well. Sorry but SS does need speech therapy, it is painfully obvious. As soon as my Fridays off begin I will be looking into a new pediatrician and to get referrals for SS. 

I think we are liking swimming class more than SS. It does have an effect on her appetite. Thursday evening we had to run an errand after her class.  We went out to eat, and it was late, about 7:30, but so worth it. SS ate two heaping plates of food, not sure where she packed all that food in. Initially I was not pleased when I arrived at the table to find SS happily sucking on an icee, I thought it was going to ruin her appetite. It did not slow her down one bit.  I'm hoping that next month we can get to Soak City a few times, I miss our water time way too much. Thanks P for taking one for the team and sticking with the swim classes, even though sitting under 100 degree sun is the last thing you want to do right after your work day.

Here's our baby swimming freestyle.

Her backstroke is much better.

They always end the class with two big jumps in the pool.

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