Sunday, September 14, 2014

New to our junk food menu, the SS Dog.

SS has unusually enjoyed sour flavors since we met. She had only been home a few months when she had her first taste of sunomono (sliced cucumbers with rice vinegar), and she loved it. Not many eighteen months olds are fans. She likes sweets, just like any child, but tires quickly after a few bites. Eventually SS discovered sauerkraut, and that led to her topping her pepperoni pizza with her new found sour friend.  Recently SS has requested sweet relish on her hot dogs. It took her this long to find the condiment acceptable.

Pickles are a new must for SS, she can't get enough of them. A couple of weeks ago we went to Soak City and I packed sandwiches, because you can only have Mrs.  Knott's friend chicken dinners so many times before it is no longer exciting. SS ate two sandwiches ( a few hours apart, but the same size as ours), and we are convinced it was because of the dill pickle spears running entire length of the sandwiches. With a child like SS, who is OK going hungry (I'd spare you the rant about why) we quickly capitalize on her likes. Now her burgers must also be covered with dill chips. Whatever it takes to get the girl to eat.

Yesterday was junk food day and we were having Nathan's hot dogs. As we were getting our condiments together we realized that we did not have relish. It was a 100 degrees and no one with a drivers license was crazy enough to go out in that heat. SS would have volunteered, but her car needs a battery. Fearing a meltdown I made the lame ass suggestion that we had dill spears. SS loved the idea, she was going to add a new touch to her dogs. She eventually settled on ketchup, mustard, pickle and sauerkraut. Relish and kraut make sense, but pickle and kraut? Double sour? We were not sure about that. We watched as SS took a bite of her custom dog, waiting for her reaction. She loved it, and declared it her new favorite dog. Lemmings that we are our dogs were topped in the same manner and were indeed quite tasty. Looks like SS has added her signature dog to our junk food menu.

I'm not kidding, double sour is good.


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