Thursday, September 04, 2014

SS ate tomatoes!

Although SS loves tomato based sauces, has eaten tomato soup, and must eat tomato paste whenever I open a can in her presence, she is not fond of the vegetable itself. Not fond is mild, when she finds tomatoes in her food she flips and demands they be removed from her presence. And even though we are rather spineless when it comes to SS, we have refused to kow tow to her tomato elimination edict. If she does not like them, she can remove them herself.  Today I made Chicken Piccata for dinner, and decided to also make bruschetta.  I did not think much about the tomato factor, because SS has yet to come across a bread she does not like. Totally her Puerto Rican side. .

I forgot to mention something when I posted about SS asking for capers with her piccata last time. Mami loved capers,  they were, along with Spanish olives, part of her everyday sofrito. I initially left them off her plate, because unless you grew up with Mami, kids find capers disgusting. I know Mami is very happy that her namesake is not afraid of capers at a young age. Anyway, back to our dinner today. SS reached for the toasted bread, rubbed with garlic and sprinkled with olive oil. Instead of nibbling away, she reached for the tomato,basil, garlic, olive oil topping. We all looked at her wondering what that was about, because she darn well knew there were tomatoes in there. She topped her bread and said "I'm just going to try it, OK?"

We were expecting SS to spit it out right after taking a bite, but not only did she like it, she gave me a thumbs up, and ended up having four servings. My baby made my day, heck she made my week. Had she not liked it, or disposed of it on her napkin we would have been fine as well.  SS eats many vegetables, so not being fond of one is no big deal. But what really got to us is that she tried, unprompted, and that is a big deal when it comes to food and kids SS's age. And for all the grief I give P about letting SS get away with so much, I am grateful that he will not put up with the I only eat mac and cheese, and PB&J sandwiches mentality. That and for not making SS eat only out of the kids menu to save a few bucks.  Chances are SS's Lycopersicoaphobia (tomato phobia) will resume tomorrow, because she is one funky chicken. But tonight we are feeling good. Also, there was a lot of basil in that topping and she did not complain.

We planned to go for a walk after dinner and have SS drive her Mini Cooper. It was unusually nice and we wanted to take advantage. Darn, SS's battery is dead, and get this, a replacement is going to cost more than our van battery.  We walked to the newly opened 7-eleven, about three quarters of a mile from our house. SS complained, wondered aloud why would we want her to walk for sooooooooo loooooooong, but was good company overall.

SS's reward for taking a chance on tomatoes was a wild cherry Slurpee.

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