Friday, September 19, 2014

SS's reading log, she loathes homework but likes to read.

SS does loath homework, but she likes to read, and perhaps we did not make that clear. Like because we do not think she is at the love stage yet. Our opinion is simply (or ignorantly) based on the fact that we both love to read, and SS is just learning. SS reads anything that is in front of her, road signs, CNN's bottom of the screen ticker updates, recipes, junk mail, and our texts. Say what? SS is like a Pavlov dog when she hears the sound assigned to our texts, emails, and other apps. Most of the time it's innocuous, like SS running to my phone then yelling "Mama, Baba misses you terribly!", sometimes she starts reading something and I sprint to get the phone out of her hands. Nothing terrible, but P can text things that can be easily misconstrued, because he gets a kick out of being inappropriate. Besides, his texts are for my eyes only.

We made a decision to allow SS to read what interested her the most, within reason. P has serious issues with the bland crap that is reading requirement. My compromise was that SS must read what she is assigned, but the rest of the time she should read what piques her interest. Big surprise that SS LOVES super hero stories, and has plenty of books on the subject. Part of SS's homework is to read at least 15 minutes each night. That does not include the library book reading.

This is the reading log SS turned in this morning.

The last entry should have a & after the !. As I signed the homework sheet last night I could not help but chuckle. I showed the log to P and we both had a good laugh, because we wonder what SS's teacher thinks about her reading choices. Batman Fight Club? It was a gift from SS's friend E in K, after a humongous third grader ran into SS and she had two teeth knocked out. The book was long and had words such as commissioner, which are not exactly second grade vocabulary. We were surprised that SS read the entire book. She just could not stop reading the riveting tale. So as weird as her reading choices may come across, we have achieved our objective.  SS reads more than the required 15 minutes every night.

Today SS was tested on two library books that came home on Monday. For now Mrs. R has all the kids at the lowest level, Once she is more familiar with their individual abilities she will adjust the reading level accordingly. One of SS's super hero books had abominable in the text, and SS worked through it. She would have never attempted more than a four letter word when reading a generic, bland book.

We laughed when we saw the book cover, because that rooster looks so much like our bossy daughter. There is a part in the book when the hens dig out an old weather vane. The farmer cleans it, paints it yellow and places the weather vane on top of the barn. Every single time SS read the story she stopped to say.., "I think that's a new fake rooster Mama, the farmer bought a new one." I explained to SS that the farmer just cleaned and painted the old one. Nope, to SS it was a "new fake rooster." Yesterday morning SS was reading the book to me, and as expected stated her opinion that the farmer bought a new one.

SS: That is not the same fake rooster, it's a new one.
Me: Uh huh
SS: You agree?
Me: No longer caring to clarify to SS said yes.
SS: Well, this is new, you did not think so yesterday or before yesterday.

SS you tender, magical, loving, sweet soul... You BROW BEAT ME OK? I did my best, I used logic, but you know what? Sometimes you just have so say F it! I was shamelessly brow beaten by a seven year old. Sigh

This is the second book SS was tested on today, and she also had her moments.

The story is developed in rhymes which is fun for the second grade crowd. Mrs. R requires the class to read the books three times before the Friday test. We require SS to read her books daily, and she is not happy. Our goal is for SS to do more than it is asked of her. Vanity aside, P and I did that naturally (OK, in my case it was Mami and Papi driven). We want SS to aspire to excel, while remaining a child. What a freaking tightrope act.

I asked SS to read the book to me and she was not happy.

SS: Mama I read it last night.
Me: But I have not heard you read the entire book, and today is a new day.
SS: Unintelligibly grumbled her displeasure.
Me: The book is written in rhymes, that is so cool, so fun to read.
SS: Yeah, it's fun, but you get to the middle and ... MEH.

 For the record, we do not go around uttering meh to show our lack of interest. We have no idea where SS got that from, but it was awfully funny.

SS was not done with this book, but I had no idea what was coming. The sheep in the ship have a nightmare of a cruise and are very grateful when their journey is over. SS finished her book...

SS: And they were glad they were out of the ship and home (paraphrasing ). THE END (SS loves that part)
Me: I can understand why they were happy to be off that ship. I would, wouldn't you?
SS: I'd be happy to be off that ship too. But not out of the ship in Maui when we went snorkeling, I miss Grandpa Mama, I miss Maui Mama.

I was happy, sad and mad at once. Happy that she has a strong connection to Maui after only two visits. Those memories are related to her Grandpa, because SS can't talk about Maui without uttering Grandpa in the same sentence. As far as SS is concerned Grandpa created Maui for her amusement. It's a good thing we are not in creationist circles or we all would be stoned to death.  Sad because SS does not talk about Puerto Rico and I am at fault. I should have never given in to P's good intentions, I knew better. The result of our ill conceived birthday gift? SS can't stand my birthplace. Since it took me 25 years to return against my best judgment, I can't blame SS. But it still sucks. Mad because I don't think P realizes how  our lapse in judgement has affected SS. 

Last night SS was reading her National Geographic Kids magazine ( a Grandpa gift) and was once again in awe of its contents. SS was in awe of the Halloween content. She then said,

SS: 'Mama , I miss Grandpa, can we go visit him?"
Me: We will sweetie, but not now.
SS: Well, can I talk to him, or see him, or something?

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