Thursday, April 07, 2016

Batman vs. Superman

This morning I walked into SS's bathroom and found this next to her sink. Looks like we know where our daughter stands on the Batman v Superman debate.

I showed P and after doing the awww thing he said "she's so violent." What can I say even though SS has violent thoughts and tendencies, and is most likely to end up number one on the FBI's most wanted list, she will always be P's baby.

During one of our quick stops during our trip we decided on Subway, mainly because SS likes their meatball sandwich. They were out of meatballs and I asked SS to choose whatever she wanted.  She really shocked me when she opted for a tuna sandwich. I can't remember the last time we had tuna (other than sushi grade tuna) or if SS ever had it before.

SS being SS chose pickles, black olives and lettuce on her sandwich. Her quirkiness worked, she ate three quarters of the foot long sandwich. 

This morning I made SS a tuna sandwich but on a burger bun. Why? Because SS loves "seeds" on her bread. Plenty of pickles and lettuce on the side for SS to add to her liking.

SS is into Monster High and one of the cartoon girls apparently wears a bandana on her wrist. SS is using her skull bandana as a fashion accessory.  Puberty is going to be so much fun.

This is a saber tooth tiger, again SS loves wild animals. I asked her why are his legs /arms crossed. SS nonchalantly stated "because he is cranky."  She should know, she's the queen of cranky.

I think today is the first day we have not been totally dragging. What on earth possessed us to drive for so long? We will finish posting about the rest of the trip, but after Bambi decided to commit suicide with our van everything seemed to tire us more than warranted. P had a doctor's appointment today because all that sitting exacerbated a previously manageable issue. The man is in serious pain, I really feel sorry for him. But he says no regrets, he really enjoyed looking at those holes I was so excited about.

We had an oil change four days before we departed and had a sticker on the windshield reminding us when to have the next one, three thousand miles later. I looked up this morning and realized we were 203 miles from the 3,000 mile mark. I texted P to mention that wondering I was off on my math, or if they messed up the mileage. Initially P said there was no way we had driven that many miles. Then I looked at the paperwork with the original mileage on March 24. Mother of pearl, we really did drive that many miles. That is way more than we drive a year.  

Among other things we are dealing with insurance and getting the van repaired. We are hoping to drop it off Monday for who knows how long. California is the only state that requires insurance to compensate for a new carseat. We are incredibly lucky that SS has two carseats, because the insurance company will only reimburse $75.00. SS's carseats cost $350.00 each, which may seem too much for some. First, one can't put a price on safety, second, we got hit by a charging, huge animal, and SS's carseat protected her as intended. She was shocked and scared, but the hit did not jolt her. It is worth noting that our nine year old child weights only 40 pounds, she is rather vulnerable.  So even though we now have to come up with $250.00 for another carseat we are happy with our initial choice, and intend to get the same carseat. 

Next post will be more upbeat, we promise.

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