Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sorry, I have to check the weather before I accept that Slurpee.

SS is not a fan of hot days, and although we are well aware, she makes it a point to constantly remind us.  That makes sense because the rest of us enjoy to be sweaty, thirsty, and uncomfortable. We are having yucky hot days and I decided to offer SS a Slurpee after school. Don't judge me, we'll do anything not to hear SS complain about the miserable heat. And now it is worse because our rental (we will hopefully get our van back next Friday) does not meet SS's air conditioned expectations.

Me: SS would you like to get a Slurpee this afternoon?
SS: What's the high?
Me: Huh? What?
SS: What is the high today?
Me: (Look at my weather app first) 88 degrees.
SS: Hmmmm

At this point my ADHD brain changes gears, is there a minimum temperature requirement to indulge in a Slurpee? They are my to go item when I'm not feeling well, and when I find a sugar free flavor that is not absolutely horrid, and caffeine free.  The weather forecast has never crossed my mind.

Me: SS why did you ask about the temperature? Is there a particular temperature you have in mind?
SS: Hmmm, ninety degrees sounds about right.

So there is yet another life mystery unlocked by my wise nine year old daughter. Do not even think about getting that Slurpee until it is 90 degrees (32.2 C). 

The great thing abut being a woman is the prerogative to change our mind. As were driving SS says, "I'm going to have that Slurpee you offered me." I jokingly responded that it was only 87 degrees, and that is not Slurpee weather. SS simply said "you offered." Well I did offer so she won that round.

And here she is happily sucking on her piña colada Slurpee with a clear conscience. SS definitely gets that it's OK to go against her previously held convictions from us. 

This is so SS, I did not even notice when she was playing. Then later as I walked by I took a closer look at her toys. If this is not an omen for number one on the FBI's most wanted list, we do not know what is. SS is small and cute, but she certainly has a violent side. On the positive side she could develop mad martial arts skills to help those around her. Parents can certainly dream...

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