Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flower and Panther power.

It is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I was reminded of that last night.   SS's art class worked on their first still life drawing. There was a vase on a table filled with beautiful lavender colored flowers. Since it was the second class, and only thirteen children, each child was offered a flower to take home.

When it was time to go home I walked over and looked at SS's drawing, and while I love her dearly I did not see an art scholarship in her future. The girl seated next to SS drew an excellent vase and there were so many flowers I wondered how she could draw them during the allotted time.  The teacher approached me and said "Of both classes these two are the only capable of drawing so much detail. Some kids can and most can't." Huh? Again, I love SS beyond measure, but I really did not see the skill.

I did not realize until SS was showing P that the drawing of Sula and her classmate are similar, SS just did not draw an elegant vase, and did not draw as many flowers.  And for some reason her perspective is of looking at the vase from above the table. You can see the table legs on the upper right and left. Still, we will keep enrolling SS in the classes because she has fun, even if she isn't talented.

Of course what the heck do I know about art, but I do feel bad that I did not recognize the detail SS created. The down side is that SS probably won't add to the drawing. And that is a shame, but the girl is lazy. After closely looking at the flower SS decided to wear it. She later told me that it reminded her of Maui.

Last Thursday Common Core testing began and this morning SS woke up with a panther attitude, plus a flower to balance things out. Next two Thursdays the children will have math testing.  I can't believe this school year is almost over, June 2 is the last day.

SS's class has fed and watered a tub of worms and today was the day, RACE DAY! And here is a picture sent by SS's teacher that we hardly get to see. SS is arroz blanco (white rice), always front and center. But she is not a worm or bug fan.  So this is a rare glimpse of SS really away from the worm, barely in the frame. We asked SS how her worm performed, she responded "lame." I wouldn't get too close for lame either.

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