Thursday, March 23, 2017

SS recieved her orange belt.

SS reached a karate milestone faster than we expected. She passed the orange belt exam last week, and was promoted by receiving her belt tonight. Needless to say SS was excited and even she has vomited for the past two days, she hauled a** to class. There is not telling how long her impetus will last, but we are happy that she is happy. Even better, SS found out karate will be an Olympic sport in 2020. The news made her feel very proud of participating in the sport.

 She's so cute about following protocol, good because her instructor is big on it.


 SS has never been one to let a special occasion go uncelebrated.  Our very own party girl, may she get it out of her system by the time she enters college.

The instructor decided to call kids in reverse alphabetical order. His last name starts with a w and it annoyed him in school always being last. That meant that our daughter a AA would experience her first time being last. The instructor said he will alternate for future belts.

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