Friday, April 07, 2017

SS had her yearly exam, and she will continue to patch daily.

SS had her eye exam on 03/27, and much to our dismay her vision has decreased significantly on her left eye. We thought SS would complain about patching her eye, but it's been almost two years. The poor thing is used to it, it's her normal. I was due for a surprise as well because for the first time my vision has decreased significantly on my left eye as well. Dr. B had to recheck last year's results because she was surprised at the change. SS immediately suggested I patch my right eye to help my left eye. That girl is sure a great "helper." What the heck, it won't kill me to patch my eye to make SS feel better.

SS looks so big on the chair, well, like the big girl she is now.

We picked up her new glasses today, and once again we were reminded how fast our baby is growing up. Completely unfair, but at least we have a healthy girl.

 Here is SS back in 2013 on the same chair, our baby.

SS's first pair of glasses, such a baby face compared to the picture above. 

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