Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Most parents take a picture of their baby taking their first steps on U.S. soil at the airport. P wanted something different and with more meaning to our family. Baby S took her first steps in the U.S. at 25th and Mission in San Francisco, in front of La Taqueria. J first ate here at 18 months old and Baby S beat him by 2 months.

Dianda's, the bakery next door, has the yummiest rum cake. We were very tired and skipped introducing baby S to their goodies. Next trip, hopefully with J along.

Alright, Mission District in San Francisco! Let's eat and party!

She's not having a seizure. :) Baby S really got into the Mexican music playing in La Taqueria.

Baby S grooving and laughing.

So, what are you having Baba? Baby S had a quesadilla, but that picture is in my phone and I'm too lazy to transfer it right now. She did enjoy her lunch.

Baby S's first taste of watermelon agua fresca. She loved it as much as she loves watermelon. The owner came by our table and could not believe that we had just arrived from China and made a stop at his place. Baby S's grooving and laughing really amused him.

Finally home, checking out a few of her toys.

Baby S's first bath in her tub. She looks disgustingly amazing after a trans-Pacific flight and three plus hour drive. At this point she had been on the go for well over 24 hours.

Somehow, Baby S still had energy to splash in the tub.

We are finally home and want to thank all of you for your positive thoughts and prayers. Our journey to meet Baby S won't be complete until next Monday, when J and his girlfriend S come to visit. We would have never undertaken this journey had it not been for J in the first place and can't wait for him and his baby sister to meet. The three of us have colds and are terribly jet lagged, hardly up for visitors. The beauty of having J and S over is that they can let themselves in and make themselves at home. Well, this is their home. Once J holds Baby S we can finally feel that we are really home.

We want to thank A and J for house sitting and for the decorations. Baby S loved them and is having a difficult time keeping away from the streamers. We do not want her to rip through them until you two are here to help her. Baby S recognized Snoopy right away! :) We'll call you later today.

Customs was not as horrible as we expected and probably went as well because we were not traveling with the rest of our group. There were a few questions but the agent appeared in good spirits and was very nice. We have had more difficulties at the Arcata airport.

We intend to post for about another month, to document Baby S's adjustment. We also have to post about many things we just did not have the time or energy to address while in China. Blogger is new to us, so we have to figure out how to edit existent posts and how to redate other posts.

Baby S was amazing during the flight home, even though she was sick and completely out of her element. We want to post about this, because we want a reminder for the future. You know, one of those times when we are certainly to gripe about some minor inconvenience. We want to always keep in mind how resilient our little girl is.

Not all is ladybug Kool Aid and roses. We have found out that when Baby S is out of the Ergo, she becomes a creature reminiscent of a cross between Tazmanian Devil and Linda Blair in The Exorcist. She can also scream high notes capable of shattering glass, can head butt, scratch and bite, and is a master manipulator. Still, we are blessed to have been entrusted with her care and are looking forward to what life with Baby S will bring our way.


Anonymous said...

S-I am so happy to know that you and your mommy and daddy are home, safe and sound (minus the colds). I can't wait to meet you...


Michelle said...

Welcome Home! We must plan a time when I am visiting my sister for us to meet. I can't wait to see you all in person and meet the adorable baby S!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys:

I am sorry it seems that my password to send you messages is not working so I am going to keep trying. Happy to hear you are safe and sound and adjusting to normal everyday life. My best advice is to take time and enjoy being a family...oh how the time will just fly by. Is there a number I can reach you on P? I have some questions on what little Miss S may be needing before I get stuff in the mail. All our best-
Courtney, Matthew and Bell

Anonymous said...

Sure hoping all is going well with you guys. I am sure you are super busy getting adjusted. Looking foward to hearing from you.

Anna Grace`s Jie Jie said...

She is a doll! That is a neat idea to let her take her first step on US soil somewhere meaningful!