Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy birthday JJ!

If having a 4 year old cooked our noodles last week, you can only imagine what is like to have your first born hit 28. Man, we are as good as dead. JJ is visiting this weekend and we will be able to celebrate together.

We did not discontinue the blog, Blogger did that for us for suspicion of "possible illicit activity," whatever the heck that means. Thank goodness P is an easy going guy, he just asked me to curtail my illicit activities because getting caught is no fun. I had to change my password and had some bounced e-mails that I did not send. Weird.

SS is a big girl of 4 now and is drunk with her new found status. Never mind that our pixie is 29 pounds (lost 3/4 pound since last checkup) and 36 & 3/4 inches in height (only gained 3/4 inch in the last year, ouch). The last weight was taken during a sick visit before her first round of amoxicillin since coming home. So dropping a little weight was expected. And at least she grew almost an inch. My poor tiny weapon of mass destruction. But we are taking her in a little package because she packs a heck of a punch, no idea what she would be like if she had the body to back up her iron will.

SS started transitioning to the 4-5 year old classroom last Friday, and it was a struggle to get her teachers to concede that it was time for SS to move on. P was furious because SS's behavior at home has been atrocious, she was nearing four and acting like a two year old because she was surrounded by non verbal "tards" (P's term of endearment for the kids in SS's classroom). I was doing well waiting for her birthday, until one of the non verbals bit my daughter and that did it. Mind you, SS is not a saint and we are sure that she is teaching the non verbals how to hack their parents bank accounts, how to make long distance phone calls by charging them to the school, along with running a very profitable pyramid scheme (how do you think I have been able to remain home). But SS does not hit and she does not bite. And what stung the most is that it was a day when I did not pick her up, the teachers did not write an ouch report, and P had no idea. He returned to work as soon as I walked in the door, and then the paranoid in me did what I always do when away from SS, inspect her perfect body. And there it was, a freaking bite mark. P felt awful about not noticing but one paranoid freak in the family is enough. Anyway we insisted that she be moved.

Thankfully her new teacher Ms. A sees SS as a 4 year old. She read the manifesto letter I wrote at the beginning of the year, asked what still applied and got right to work with SS. So far SS has had two great days and Ms. A is confident that SS is ready for her classroom. We do appreciate the fact that Ms. M and Ms. L like SS so much, but our daughter needs to grow up. It's time to move on. Next week SS will start attending three full days a week. This will be a big transition for her, but P is a few blocks away and ready to offer comfort if needed. She will be napping at school, so SS is going to score another Buzz blanket and a pillow just for school.

Now I have 30 pages to read for a test tomorrow and have a paper due. So I better stop wasting time online.

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Michelle said...

Crap, I'm late but I wanted to wish JJ a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday JJ! I hope your day was fabulous.