Friday, March 25, 2011

New routine.

SS is spending time with Baba at his work before school. This will continue next week when SS begins to attend three full days a week. I am taking a class some evenings and SS is not handling my absence well. We are working on getting her used to Baba's care, and that he is as good (at times better) than Mama. P is also picking up SS from school. So proud of our four year old dynamo who is busting her hump to earn her keep, early in the morning, as the littlest lab tech.

The Beagle has all the answers.


Brenda said...

SS really looks like she's getting taller in this pic. Baba doesn't.

2china4S said...

Our tiny trouble maker grew less than an inch in the last year, maybe it was the angle. Glad that P has stopped growing, dude is already 7 inches taller than me, and I do not need to look like an oompa loompa next to him. :)