Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ten years married, and we celebrated at the water park.

The weather G0ds have not smiled upon us until today. Even though P purchased our season passes a month ago, it was not hot enough until today to return to one of SS's favorite places. So that is how we ended up spending our tenth wedding anniversary at the water park. Next time you are tempted to state that having children does not or should not change your life or priorities, think about this one.

It's funny that this small water park is so dear to SS, and the place where her progress is more noticeable. Last year she was still wobbly walking uphill and needed our help at times. Today she plowed upward on her own, not bothering to look back. Last year one of us would go with her to the top, wait in line with her, while the other waited at the bottom of the slide. She still freaked out when a child would stand behind her and leave the line. School has paid off in this regard because she did not ask us to go with her to the top, and nicely lined up, not moving from her spot when a child stood behind her. True, many kids do the same by their second birthday, but we don't care; SS is stronger emotionally and physically and we are proud of her.

We planned to go out for sushi this evening. Hopefully Her Highness will allow us.

Making sure Baba got wet.

Back in the wetsuit because there is no fat in that body. We thought she was going to need a new wetsuit this year and planned on going shopping Saturday. Looks like she is getting a third year out of this one. Not a bad investment.

SS decided that sharing is not her thing after all, no more fries for Baba.

What do little pirate girls do after water fun? They warm up by donning their little pirate girl robe.

The Snoopy sippy preceded SS by six years. We went to Knott's in 2002, and upon checking in noticed that there was a Snoopy package. We asked the desk clerk what it entailed and she showed us a Snoopy pail with some items inside for children. The clerk gave it to me after realizing I was a Snoopy fan. We kept it in the garage and had forgotten about it until now. We love finding things we had for SS for so long.

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