Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yummy sushi.

Even though SS has had quite a few wild moments lately, her behavior when dining out is still consistent. So far we are grateful that we do not have to worry about where we dine, because SS always does well. P suggested sushi yesterday for dinner and I was doubtful when we left the park. SS was in a mood, and we were all tired since we had not been exposed to the sun since Maui. We chilled out at home for a while, showered, and hunger made the decision an easy one.
BTW, SS managed to acquire color during our short time under the sun. P and I acquired redness. Again, what happened to my ability to tan? Is that something we lose with age?

The sushi place P chose is very good, very small and we had never seen children there. The last time we were there was shortly before we departed for China, so quite a while. We waited outside for a table and once we entered we immediately encountered the look. You know, the "Great, there's a little brat here to ruin our dining experience" look. Not even SS's cuteness can prevent the look. But soon people realize that we have not brought a screaming, cutlery throwing, water spilling, miniature Neanderthal into their happy place, and they chill. Granted, SS does engage in the aforementioned behaviors at home, we are only praising her out of home behavior. There was only one tense moment when SS unexpectedly began to sing at TOP volume, we quickly reminded her to use her inside voice, and she immediately reduced her volume (a miracle). By that time SS had the patrons and staff eating out of her hand, and they just laughed. Thank you SS for a a fun dinner.

Now I feel horrible owning up to less than stellar behavior on my part. Although SS is used to seeing and never getting wasabi, this time she could not let it go. Our usual explanation that it is very spicy, that it would hurt her tongue, is usually enough. After the 50th explanation I decided to allow SS to have the tiniest taste possible. I am ashamed to say it worked, the expression on her face was priceless, and we were ready with a lot of water. I felt horrible, but some things we need to experience in order to understand. We do not think SS will be asking for wasabi anytime soon. I think that one lost me the mother of the year award.

We kind of overdid it with the ordering, blame it on our long absence. Plus we had to get potstickers and rice for SS. The roll in front of the water glasses is a Pierre Roll, P ordered it on a whim and it was delicious. Best roll we have had since Vancouver (WA), wish we had noted what was inside. Funny that our best sushi experiences were in Vancouver (BC) and Vancouver (WA). We obviously had a lot of leftovers.

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