Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Move over S@r@h P@lin, you are not the only one taking a stab at reinventing the English language. An obviously downside to spending so much time with the inarticulate mess that is me, is that SS is becoming increasingly adventurous with her interpretation of how English should evolve. Quite a while ago SS began asking for "another again," and we consistently corrected her and explained that again was sufficient, she did not need another. Not only did the another agains increased in frequency, SS drew her line on the sand to let us know she was not about to take grammatical lessons from the likes of us. She did this by combining the two words into "anothergain," and we can't get her to stop saying it. Cowards that we are, we stopped trying. We are confident that SS is intelligent and will eventually find her way back to proper use of the language. For now have fun little one.

Ms. A told P that SS is now talking even more at school, and LOUD. That cracked us up because we are sure that they are regretting their initial position that our daughter was mute. Now we are not the only ones who miss her mute and cute days (thanks for that line Teresa). That being said, we are pleased with SS's progress in preschool, with her new routine and how both she and P are easing into their new found, albeit forced closeness. I have not dropped off nor picked up SS from school in a few weeks. I really miss that time, but it's P's turn to bask in the joys of more hands on parenting. It is also time for me to cede some of that time, and to know what is like to miss my child.

I am trying to convince P to recreate another disastrous TJ trip with SS for me on video. Poor guy braved the store with SS, handed her a little cart, thinking it would go well, but SS had other plans. She went from placid little girl, into banshee on acid mode. P's mind was still reeling from what he had witnessed when I came home, and did the most freaking hilarious imitation of SS. He had never seen SS like that, but sadly I had, and glad now that he knows what is like to take our banshee out in public. It's a gamble and we do not always win.

I should have known that this picture of serenity was not going to last long.

This is what she was up to barely five minutes later.


Michelle said...

Those pictures are hilarious. I can't believe how long her hair has gotten! I took a pair of scissors to my own hair last weekend. Oy.

2china4S said...


While we never talked about, or planned about hair length, we can't seem to let that beautiful, lustrous hair go. And believe me, it is quite a task to upkeep. Mainly because we both thought straight hair meant no knots. HA! Her teachers have been hinting that SS needs a hair cut. They have been telling SS that her hair is too long. Tough, our kid not theirs.

She was a riot doing her I am Buzz thing.

Brenda said...

Anotheragain - toughie toenails to the teachers. I wouldn't touch that beautiful hair.

2china4S said...

Thanks Brenda, we are not planning on a haircut at this time. What bothers us is the talk about how her hair is "too" long. SS gets the message loud and clear and asks if her hair is too long. Way to make a child feel out of place.