Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Buzz Bat Firefighter.

SS is back on her firefighter kick, just as she was at this time last year.

And the Oscar for most milking mileage from a boo boo goes to... SS!! That's a shocker. Our little bat fell at school yesterday and came home with a limp, fake tears, and a bandage. SS collapsed in my arms as though she had crawled through a battlefield with a mortal wound. Milked it until bedtime. Then our unlucky girl (takes after her Mama) fell again today, same knee and the scab came off. Oh the drama. Look at that face, doesn't that just pull at your heartstrings?

But like any academy award winning actress, SS can turn it on and off in seconds.

SS, never lose that sense of wonder, that imagination that does not recognize gender barriers, that stubborn streak, and the strength of your convictions. And God help us for encouraging you. :)

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