Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cowboy's birthday.

I'm going to try to catch up with some events I really want to document for SS. In late August SS attended L's (Cowboy) birthday party. When we saw the invitation we realized that SS is older. Way to go our little cougar! We later learned that his birthday is in September and there was a reason why they celebrated early. Once we found out the reason, we felt pretty awful, because once again, our snark bit us in the rear end.

As we were driving to Chuck E Velveeta, I noted that I had never met L, my daughter's first boyfriend. P told me that he would be easy to recognize as he had the biggest head of any child he had ever come across. That is exactly how I was able to pick him from the crowd, except I picked up on something my snarky husband missed, the shape of his head. L's parents and grandmother were all over SS, they are very nice people. They were aware of the fact that SS renamed him Cowboy, well, more like brow beat him into submission, and they were OK with it. L's mother stated that she was glad that SS was so strong minded. Bet she wouldn't say the same if they were teens and dating. She mentioned that L missed SS now that she is a senior. I did not know they were not together. L's mother (oops, can't remember her name) explained that they chose to postpone the transition to the senior class until after the surgery. That comment made us feel pretty bad and also confirmed my suspicions. One of the teachers later confirmed that L underwent cranial surgery. He has been out since September and SS misses him terribly. We are waiting until he is strong enough for a play date.

We have thought about L a lot since that day and hope he recovers soon. One more time when we reflect on how incredibly fortunate we are that SS has not had any major medical problems. Sure, she gets the sniffles more than most, and it may actually be allergies. At times we worry about her weight, or how she will always be shorter than same age peers. But we are lucky that the only time she has spent in a hospital was keeping her Mama company. We'll like to keep it that way.

An unusual right hand throw.

L made sure that SS sat on his left side.

Very happy with her pirate loot.

Opening SS's gift.

That's all folks!

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Michelle said...

You guys are going to be beating the boys off with a stick when SS is a teenager.

I hope you guys have a happy thanksgiving!