Thursday, November 17, 2011

iPh0ne Savant

P and I were trying to have a conversation after dinner, but were continuously and rudely interrupted by a tiny, and extremely effective saboteur. In order not to lose his cool, P opted to offer his phone to SS, so she could play Angry Birds. But after a few minutes of frustrating grunting, I looked over to find a smiling SS playing a game involving balloons (to K@tie Perr*'s music). P was wondering how she learned to get into the game. Beats me, I never share my expensive phone with spoiled, entitled four year old girls. Then about five minutes later SS said several times "I love Thomas (the overrated engine)." I thought P had downloaded a Thomas game for her. It turns out that SS got into the Netfl*x application and somehow managed to get herself a Thomas movie. What. The. Heck. This is the same child who asks us to feed, clothe and bathe her. Someone has been taking us for a huge ride. SS, sorry, but no iP@d for you under the tree.We are afraid of what you'll do with Internet access.

Two hours later...
Reason #99 why it is not wise to share a phone with a 4 year old. Heh, P lost his phone to his tiny dictator. And yes, she wants an iP@d.

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