Thursday, November 10, 2011

SS gave us a really good scare.

Last night P asked SS what she wanted for Christmas. I was ready to listen to a long list of Light*ng McQue*n, Buzz, Batman, Pirate, Green Lantern and every other dark super hero paraphernalia. But SS was unusually quiet, then turns around to face me and says "I want a baby." P and I went quiet and had that deer caught between headlights look. As I have mentioned many times, JJ was Sula's age when he asked for a sister for Christmas. And let's face it, I suck at the whole delivering a sibling things because it took me 21 years to bring a sister home. Then of course there is the fact that our plans for #3 have changed, #2 (SS) will be our last child. So a lot of sadness while thinking about what to say. I held SS and asked if she was sure that she wanted a baby for Christmas, and she nodded, very sure of herself. Crud, not the talk we wanted to have about dashing her hopes for a sibling forever. Then SS looks at me and says "A baby that doesn't talk." HUH? Technically babies do not talk, but eventually the babble incessantly and then talk up a storm. Was SS placing an order for a mute sibling? Because even to us lax freaks, that is kind of sick. Thankfully for us mentally challenged, apparently inbred duo, SS clarified her request. I asked "why a baby that doesn't talk?" SS responded, "because it's not a real one, it's a doll." P and I sighed with relief like a teenage girl looking at a negative pregnancy test. All she wants is a freaking doll! A doll, really SS? You are so much better than that. Kind of wishing she really wanted a mute sibling.

Recently we took SS to lunch an an Indian restaurant we had not visited in a while. Even though she is so small we are trying to stop using high chairs, toddler sized cutlery and sippy cups. She is almost five, and they do not provide those things at preschool and she does just fine. Need to help her spread her independent wings.

SS stuffed her little face with pakora. After trying the first three she polished a dish full of them.

Can't go wrong with rice and in this case garbanzos.

SS has yet to come across a form of bread she has not liked. The naan did not disappoint her.

SS had two bowls of this fruit custard, it's yummy, but super sweet.

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