Saturday, June 02, 2012

SS is shopping for a bed.

Hell no she won't go. SS refuses to sleep on the crib, now a toddler bed, that we so carefully researched, and P paid more than I felt comfortable spending. A toddler bed is not becoming to a 5 year old (although toddler size), who is about to embark on the big girl world of kindergarten. We thought that one of the benefits of preschool was that SS would hopefully have a smooth transition into school. Maybe the preschool grapevine is more connected and powerful than we could ever imagine, because SS does not only want to be called a big girl, she wants big girl status. In her mind this comes in the form of a "real big girl bed." I (P knows better than trying to argue with a woman's perception) took SS shopping for a toddler bed. Big mistake, it won't do. Serendipity was our enemy, because when we went shopping for a dinning room set, SS fell in love with loft beds.

Not a big problem, plenty of space underneath, and if that is what she wants...Except that SS is very quirky about height, and so is her Mama. JJ had a bunk bed, twin on top, full size below, but he was perfectly capable of getting himself down in case of an emergency. No, we never had such a scenario, but as a Mom, it's what I needed to do. And then there's SS's height issues, it changes depending on her mood. At the store I found something cheaper than her Baba was eying, but SS would not go up that ladder. So mini loft bed, more expensive it is. We are desperately wanting to get her out of our bedroom. For those who think we should just throw her on her bed and close our door, sorry, it's just not us. While we both want her in her bed, we also understand, that for the fourth time in her short life, we have knowingly and willingly pulled the carpet under SS, and she is not coping well.

But I digress... We are looking at mini (or low) loft beds, which kind of defies the design purpose. SS wants one, and I want to make sure we can get to her ASAP in case of an emergency. P is stuck with two very temperamental women, and he is missing JJ more than ever. He is reseraching prices online, and it looks like it is going to be SS's bed. I'm sad that she did not embrace her safe, well researched toddler bed, but this is not about me. The bed SS covets comes in black and a lighter finish. The lighter finish does not clash terribly with her drawer set, so that is a plus. Right now our aching backs are hoping for a quick resolution.

Sorry about the big stain on SS's blouse. It was blistering hot and I had the brilliant idea to get her an Icee before dinner. I also alluded to her coping problems, she's not the only one, we are working on it.

YES! I found my bed.

Oh, didn't know I had to play it uniteresting and cool for the salesman. My bad guys.

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