Friday, May 03, 2013

A romantic dinner for three.

It's been a while since I have been around here, life sometimes gets in the way. We can't believe that SS is about to complete her first year of formal schooling. Being a pilot program we knew it would be hit and miss. We certainly did not expect so much angst and drama, it is kindergarten for Pete's sake. This month is going to bring some changes around here, and we are doing our best to prepare SS for what is to come. She is a resilient child, but still shaky from her Puerto Rico adventure.  We simply overestimated SS's readiness to spend a week away from her Baba. So she is still extra clingy and blew us away by asking P if he was going to spend the night home when he arrived from work. That concerned us, because P has never spent the night away since SS came home. Yeah, she's very insecure right now when it comes to her Baba.

SS's last day of school is June 5, and the next day she starts her first summer camp. I registered her yesterday and so far she seems excited about embarking in her big girl adventure. SS will not attend camp on Mondays and the Tuesdays P is home. Baba is not willing to part with SS on those days, while I'm heartless. SS really misses her school buddies during holidays, school breaks and weekends, and we think the socialization will help. Of course I'm already reminding SS that she must wear a hat and apply sunscreen frequently. The temperatures here get above the 100 mark, and SS is going to spend a lot of time outdoors. She is going to have a killer tan by the end of summer, and I will be insanely jealous. What the heck happened to my melanin production?

Grandpa treated us to a romantic dinner for two that arrived Wednesday, a day earlier than expected. For us it turned into a romantic dinner for three, but we are not complaining. It was decadent and delicious.  Thank you Grandpa for such a wonderful treat.

Whenever SS sees a box on our doorway she says "Grandpa sent us something."

Thank you Grandpa!

Not a fan of mussels, but the teriyaki shrimp and especially the crab cakes (forgot to take a pic) were a hit. Those crab cakes were really yummy.

SS was very interested in the rubber bands around the claws. Once we made the mistake to explain she lost her appetite for lobster. But since we are awful parents she did have to take at least one bite. Can't say I don't like if you have no idea what it tastes like. The funny thing is that she has had lobster before and liked it. But P had removed the meat for her, so as long as she does not see the carcass she is OK.

That was one delicious guy. SS had a laught attack because "I can see the lobster's butt." She is so her father's daughter.

SS was very excited to see the field trips she will get to enjoy this summer. We still have to talk to the staff about the ratio of kid per adult on those trips. I was immediately concerned about the water park trips. SS is so small and well, we will see.But man, she is going to have some serious fun.

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Michelle said...

The boys and girls club is a great organization. I worked there for five years. As for the field trips, they are very good about their child to teacher ratios, especially with the younger kids. I think we had seven kids to two adults. In the time I worked there I only lost a kid once and it was actually at raging waters but it was only because the kid was a pain in the ass and decided he would rather ride a water side that we weren't going to go on at the moment and he split. I know SS won't do that. She's a good kid and follows directions well. The staff at raging waters were great too, and when they saw him riding a water slide twice in a row without a parent they asked him where he was supposed to be and they paged us and got him back to us. Try not to be overly worried about it(although I know you will because that's what moms do). :)