Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

P loves Easter Bunny and Santa pictures and the required looking back post. SS really looks so grown up in this last bunny picture. I wanted to get a hat to match the dress her grandmothers gave her for Christmas. As much as SS loves hats we never had her wearing one for the Easter pictures. Then my cousin G tried a cute Easter hat on SS and my daughter's expression was not one of happiness.  She hated the darn bonnet, and I gave up on having her wear a hat.  SS then found the hat on the picture to be of her liking and agreed to wear it. OK, no bonnets.

SS's outfits on 2009, 2011, and this year where gifts from her grandmothers. Last year's outfit was a gift from the Abus. We have only clothed our child on the 2010 picture.   That's kind of sad.

We took SS to Knott's where she wore an awesome bunny outfit Grandpa sent her as apart of her birthday gifts. Even Snoopy and Woodstock were impressed with her costume. We had a blast and SS made it to bed shortly before 10 p.m. Hard to believe we would do that on a Sunday night. Waking her up tomorrow morning is going to be difficult. SS might change, but we are still shamelessly practicing fly by seat of your pants parenting.





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