Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Cutest kindergarten graduate.

Last night we watched an episode of the TLC show The Little Couple that hit close to home. The couple adopted their first child, William, from China.  Although from a different province than SS, as Americans they had to go to Guangzhou to finalize their entry to the U.S. (it's where the embassy is located). What an amazing trip down memory lane, and how great it was to see a place that means so much to us again. I was impressed when P, with just a 2 second glimpse recognized the hotel the family stayed at in GZ. It was across from the hotel we called home for a week. It was a very emotional hour that we shared cuddled up in bed. It was hard to believe we no longer had a baby laying between us, we had a girl. It's just not possible that SS was going to graduate kinder the next morning.

Morning came, and as impossible at it seems SS is a big girl, and she finally had her big day.  Our baby hammed it up through her social promotion to first grade. It was the chaos expected from such a gathering, including an almost fist fight behind P; because so called adults can't comprehend that everyone else wants to see their child. So what's the harm in standing up and blocking an equally proud parent's view of their child. Thankfully P is tall and has very long arms, and still with that advantage there are only two decent pictures of SS's milestone. At least it was the two that mattered the most.  Good job SS, although we are certain that you engaged in some sort of fast forward time continuum, we have finally accepted that you are indeed growing up.

Mrs. G, the class aide for barely one and a half months, but took such a liking to SS. She got pictures and was choked up about missing our previously invisible child.

The Yunnan Ham hard at work.

No idea what was up here, but she was enjoying herself among the chaos.

Doesn't she look thrilled? Chin up SS, one year down, only twenty-three more to go before you earn a PhD. Heads up, Baba is counting on you to steer away from the fake social sciences.

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