Thursday, June 06, 2013

Hello summer, SS is ready for you. Are you ready for her?

Oh boy, first graduation one day, then first day of summer day camp the next. We are forbidding SS from adding any more milestones. SS was not too happy to be awaken this morning, and P went above and beyond by helping past the time he should have been heading out to work.  We had an unexpected schedule change that allowed me to take SS to her first day instead of P. There were only about six kids when SS arrived, and her timid demeanor vanished when she realized they would start out the day in the computer lab. It was difficult leaving her, knowing she would be there until at least five. But it was also very rewarding to watch SS take little steps towards independence.

SS did not know that we were both going to pick her up in the afternoon.  When we arrived she was outside in the playground, clearly having a good time, not noticing us watching her.  It made us both feel much better. The club celebrated the first day of school freedom with pizza and a piñata. Mama and Baba who? Of course we realize once the novelty wears off SS won't be as thrilled to spend a full day there. Tomorrow is the real test, I dropped her off at 7:15 this morning, and it took both of us to get her out the door.  Tomorrow is P's turn and they must be out of the house by 6:30 a.m. Wish us luck.

Let's hope every morning finds SS this happy.

SS's new lunch bag has two compartments, wet and dry. Besides safety our main concern is SS's nutrition while away from home for so long. We chose a larger lunch bag to provide a variety of choices, hopefully increasing the chance of SS eating properly.

Perhaps the beginning of SS's pool shark career?

 Piñata loot.

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