Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Baba's Day.

P received a phone call from his supervisor last night at ten.  The person who works Sundays was in a car accident and P had to work today. I was a bit irritated because we had plans today, and I wanted to do something fun for Father's Day.  But my pragmatic husband shrugged his shoulders and informed me that today's wages would pay for SS's day camp for July. And that is how he rolls, P does not take himself too seriously and would never boast about his parenting. He does have big ones, because he threw himself into parenting a teenager. Heck, I gave birth to said teenager and the teen years had me terrified. But the boy survived to adulthood, and no one was injured or incarcerated.  Then SS came along and everyone seemed to develop parenting amnesia, because all of a sudden P was treated like a new parent. It is something that annoys him to this day, but I remind him that the same happened to me; it's like JJ did not exist. 

Sure we have different parenting styles, we had different role models.  I was raised by elderly grandparents who thought I was the greatest thing in the world, and reminded me each and every day. I was hugged and kissed so many times a day it was not funny.  P grew up with less of that you are so precious fawning.  He loves his children, but he is also very aware of their short comings, and can laugh about them.  And he is always thinking about their well being, about the quality of their lives. That is why instead of being in a foul mood over working today, he was happy to make money to pay off next month's camp.  And even though the man has the ability to get on my last nerve like only my children can do, I would not want to coparent with anyone but P.  He makes me feel safe, especially since I keep finding myself in operating rooms. If my time were to arrive while SS is still young, I know that her Baba will take care of her just fine. 

Remember that picture above, the one that made it to SS's year book? I was sad when the Title IV teacher informed me that it was taken by the professional photographer at the dance. She then surprised me by sending me a copy.  That picture is going to end up enlarged on canvas and proudly displayed on our living room.  Happy Father's Day Baby.

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