Tuesday, June 04, 2013

She is a big girl, but she is still our snuggle bug.

Yesterday my allergies were acting up full blast. My left eye usually gets the worse, constantly tearing up. Lucky me I had a killer sinus pain and asthma episode going on as well. I had not slept the night before so I looked pretty dreadful. Around seven P made an executive decision and dispatched my butt upstairs regardless of how early it was. A few minutes later SS joined me in bed, strongly professing that she was not tired. She immediately got comfortable on my shoulder, pulled the blanket up to her neck and did her snuggle bug thing. Five minutes later she was out. P decided to treat me to a double showing of our taped 48 Hours, nothing like two hours of killer talk to get a sick girl to sleep. To make sure I would actually get some sleep P moved SS to her bed around 7:30. SS's last words last night, as P carried her? "I'm not tired." That was followed by over twelve hours of sound sleep. Our baby "graduates" kindergarten tomorrow morning and I have a very good reason to cry, other than being so proud of her. SS is going to get her first taste of what her summers will be like from now on at summer camp. There might be even more big changes coming her way in August or September. Life goes on, kids grow, everything changes. It's good to know that SS still needs her Mama, and that she is still our snuggle bug. P noted that she still sleeps like a baby, how she positions her body, how she cuddles. Yep, he's right about that, a lot of baby left in our big girl.

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