Friday, August 02, 2013

We are SO proud of our little girl.

Yesterday SS took her last swimming lesson, and she finished with a bang. I arrived to notice that there were two kids at the opposite side of the pool with the instructor. That had not happened before. The instructor had them swim the width of the pool.

I sat down and was chatting with P when I suddenly looked up and SS was more than halfway across the pool. We didn't think the instructor was going to have SS do it given how difficult it has been for SS to make it to the halfway point. But our little engine that could gave it her all and made it to the other side.

SS made so much progress in the past eight weeks. The first week she was afraid and whiny, and yesterday our decision to get her in the water paid off. During the first two weeks SS was afraid of jumping in the pool. Her then instructor decided to skip her. That didn't go well with P who simply walked over and just picked up SS and threw her in the pool. Needless to say in a gentle but firm manner. One parent sitting behind us said "now that's how it's done!"

When SS began this last session she was so behind the other kids, that we thought she would be sent back to level one. Even though this was her second level 2 two week session. The kids in this class were a different group and more advanced. We were worried about SS taking a major blow to her self esteem. But K hung on with our girl, was patient and very encouraging.

SS you are an amazing little creature.

SS with K, her swimming instructor.  We hope to see her again next summer.

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