Saturday, May 28, 2016

An oldie but goodie.

SS found a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip book in JJ's room. I don't know if JJ even remembers it was there. P and I remember C&H well, not only because we bought JJ the strip compilation books, but also because we enjoyed the comic ourselves. Way back then P and I would go to Starbucks on Sundays, order each a Grande Mocha Frappuccino with whipped cream, and read the Sunday newspaper. Of course we read Peanuts first to do otherwise would be sacrilege, but C&H was perhaps our second favorite. That's right a newspaper with real pages, ink, good memories. We would spend two to three hours on Sunday reading and talking over coffee in the mornings.

SS asked if she could read the book and I said of course, but wondering if she would like it.  I must disclose that SS has finally found her inner naughty self and is in trouble, big trouble (for someone who's never been in trouble). SS asked to use her iPad to listen to music and we said yes, but she is not to use the tablet for anything else during school nights. I accidentally found her iPad hidden while looking for her school college shirt. SS was watching Netflix, and to her credit told the truth when I asked what I already knew. Although she copped to her crime we wanted to deliver a strong message that deception of any kind is not OK*, and SS will not be using her iPad until July 1. We might lift the restriction only for educational activities like math games, under our close supervision. SS has plenty of time in her hands and we hope she uses it wisely.

I should not have wondered because C&H was a hit! Now we can't believe we did not introduce her to the comic before. Calvin (the little boy) is a world class slacker, and of course SS identifies with him. I'm sure everyone knows that Hobbes is Calvin's toy stuffed tiger, that comes alive through Calvin's imagination. It makes sense that both JJ and SS identify with Calvin so much, since both are technically only children.

This is what SS found so funny, because she knows it's exactly what she would do. SS read the book in one sitting, then reread it a few more times.  It's good to know we won't have to worry about SS reading for half an hour a day. I'm going to check the public library for other books. We know JJ has many but there's no way we are going to the storage unit to dig for them.

On a completely unrelated note, SS is nine years old and can still stand up comfortably inside the van. We are sure we could not have done that at her age. SS was proudly wearing her customized Spiderman shirt.

* We know the deception issue will come to bite us in the rear end with Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny. However, I strongly objected to that deception (because I want SS to trust us, especially when it comes to her adoption), but her father insisted it was a necessary part of childhood. I will gladly throw P under the bus like he did to me a few days ago. I'll post about that later, but the man had the gall to tell me I will always be the bad cop when we have to say no to SS, because he is the fun parent.

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