Friday, May 20, 2016

Lunch at school with SS.

SS's school invited parents to join their children today for lunch to celebrate the school year.  On the menu, nachos. It has been many decades since either one of us was in a school cafeteria line. We were impressed with how many parents attended, although P lamented he spotted only two other couples besides us.

Even though SS was well aware we would be at school for lunch she still had to pretend to be surprised.

I had been present during lunch before, but I was focused on SS's birthday cupcakes and tuned out the chaos around us. This time I did not have that luxury and neither did P, the noise level was rather overwhelming.

As we were leaving we ran into Mrs. S, SS's awesome first grade teacher. She asked us how was lunch, and smiled while we were trying to answer tactfully. Mrs. S told us, "I told my parents to bring something for them and their child to eat." Great advice and something to keep in mind for next year, if they repeat the event.

I've have wondered why SS did not request to eat at school more often. She has an account that we keep current for those days she fancies what is on the menu, or we are on a rush and can't put together a decent lunch. But I expected SS to demand to eat more at school at least by second grade. Must be the lack of sushi, bahn mi, carnitas, flautas, tilapia, salmon, and zucchini chicken with garlic sauce cream on the menu.

Obviously we were not there for the food but to share with SS and let her know how proud we are of her. SS is the laziest child when it comes to homework, but this year she has accepted the inevitability of this necessary evil. She has her days but it is no longer a battle, she knows what needs to be done and does it. SS's diligence has paid off and now she understands the need to do her homework, and read as much as possible.  It's been a good school year for our girl.

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