Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Honor Roll Asssembly

This afternoon the last Honor Roll assembly took place. There were a lot of awards earned and received. We were gobsmacked when forty-five children received plaques for perfect attendance for the entire school year. We were seated on the front row and thanked every child for the unknown amount of illness they spread around the school. But hey they went home with a plaque. There were also awards for perfect attendance for the third trimester, for those in the reading improvement program, and those who participated in the science fair.  Outstanding effort awards were next, leaving academic honor roll for last. SS is known for her lack of patience and today was no exception. Even tough there were chairs still available on stage when she entered the auditorium, she decided to plop herself on P's lap. Minutes later other kids frantically looked for chairs while the principal repeated there were no empty chairs, and they needed to sit with their parents on the floor. SS sure is a funky chicken.

Entering the multi purpose room and granting one of the few smiles we would receive. SS then sulked on P's lap until her name was called.

One would think SS would be more excited about her award, and she even received a college bound T-shirt for making honor roll two trimesters.

 She would not smile, nope, she was done.

We tried a second time but SS was determined to show her displeasure at being subjected to the indignity of waiting her turn. All the children on stage are third graders, the size range is rather amazing. At least the two boys on the left are shorter than SS, hard to believe.

I was able to coax this almost smile when I mentioned the grandparents would appreciate a smile. SS then proceeded to dump her T-shirt on my lap as soon as I took the picture.

We later found out why SS was over the assembly by the time she entered the MPR. The height of SS's day had happened earlier, when Mr. H bought ice cream sundaes for the kids who excelled that trimester in reading. SS achieved the most 100% on her Advance Reading tests for the third trimester. Not a bad ending to the third grade.

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