Thursday, May 19, 2016

Open House

The teachers at SS's school use the Class Dojo application to keep in touch with parents. We do not know how often other teachers use it, but Mr. H posts almost daily. There is a class story section where he posts pictures of what they are doing in class in real time, when out on field trips, and to celebrate special achievements. There is also a section where we can check on SS's week in terms of behavior, attitude, and homework. Then he can contact us individually by text. Mr. H usually texts SS's test results as soon as possible, and even her homework scores, in case we do not check the weekly progress area.

Last night we were surprised to receive the above text at 9:04 p.m., not the time when one would expect a text from the teacher. Good thing we do not have lives, no need to check our social calendars, we would attend.

Because of Class Dojo and because we are that kind of annoying parents,we have regular contact with Mr. H. Other parents had long conversations with him, because it is a good idea to wait to check how your kid is doing in school until May. It was really embarrassing that we really did not have any questions about SS's performance. We walked around and looked at SS's desk and whatever projects were displayed. SS was particularly proud of this one.

The kids change desks throughout the school year, initially I was worried because SS thrives in consistency, but she has not complained.

SS's black panther drawing and essay.

The kids keep a journal that is kept in the classroom. I love the top entry, SS has always been proud of her Baba's job. She has visited his lab more times than my office. We were surprised to see dad instead of Baba, SS only uses Baba at home.

SS needs to work on her spelling skills (ironically the lowest score she has received in spelling tests is 82%) but her imagination rocks.

Clearly still on her animals are awesome phase.

I remember the day SS wrote the top sentence. Mr. H sent me a text and he was cracking up because all the other kids had plenty of stories. For them it was hard to narrow it down to one incident, but our daughter could not think of one. Mr. H knew this was true in the classroom but was curious about home. I hated to disappoint him, but no, there was no drama to talk about, no misdeeds to share.

The second entry, "well that's concerning (one of SS's godmother's favorite expressions)."

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