Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Seattle Aquarium amd Ivar's lunch.

Yesterday we visited Seattle Aquarium, and we are very proud of SS. SS and Mama have been battling a silly cold for a while. It hit us hard last night but there was fun, water life fun to be had. 

SS and Baba ready to get their water creature geek knowledge on.

Like yesterday, SS walked in to an exciting event, the diver was talking to the kids. SS has snorkeled, being in the water AND talking was just really cool. 

SS loves jellyfish, it should be noted she has never been stung by one.

SS and the giant octopus. I was aware of the creature while booking our trip. It was still very impressive up close, just like in the pictures. I do not have an interest in octopi other than a childhood memory. Abuela eats what I consider to be odd things. I recall her eating beef liver and washing it down with a V8. Maybe I'm wrong, but I have a memory of Abuela and one of my older bio brothers eating canned octopus. I could not stand the smell, let alone contemplate placing it in my mouth.  Silly thought, but texted the picture to Abuela. I wonder if she made the connection.  

SS was very happy with her dolphin hand painting.  


We love SSs' expression, she really loves animals, especially water creatures.

SS liked this otter, and does not remember she first saw otters at Monterey Bay Aquarium, for her third birthday.

Two cute otters.

The aquarium is small, a great fit for the preschool, early school crowd. We were done in two hours and were able to walk around the pier a little. SS tried her pirate expression.

We had fish and chips at Ivar's for lunch, and SS learned a lesson.There is sweet tea, and there is iced tea. SS first had sweet tea in New Orleans last year, she was hooked.  When she was asked what she wanted to drink she chose iced tea. The lesson was the dozen packets of sugar, if not more, that made the iced tea barely acceptable. SS took a lot of sips, like half the worth of my soda. She polished her fried fish, you can't go wrong with fish for SS.  

We were not surprised our lunch was so tasty, Ivar's has been around since 1938.

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