Saturday, April 08, 2017

SS finally tries the splash pad.

Last summer a splash pad opened within walking distance from our house. It's not much but the community took it by storm. Families would stake a place in the shade, or bring canopies, early in the morning. Most would remain until sunset. SS was very excited about the splash pad, but we did not make it last summer. SS was busy with summer camp, and swimming lessons. We did not like the crowded feel much either. Then P's coworker went on a long vacation, and asked us to house sit. SS had a pool all to herself everyday. Her enthusiasm for the splash pad disappeared at that point.

It's been hot in Southern California, it has not felt like spring at all. Last week SS noticed the water was on, but we assumed it was being tested. The splash pad season runs from Labor Day to Memorial Day.  But last Friday it was on although no one was around. We tried turning on the water when it stopped, and heck yeah, the splash pad was operational. SS got her gear on, but it was very windy, and her wetsuit was in P's car.

I thought it would have deterred SS's enthusiasm, but nah, she was ready to get her splash pad on.  The water was cold and with the wind there was no way I was getting near the water. But SS plowed on, and had a blast.  That first contact with the water hit her hard, her expression is priceless.

 Yeah, it's really cold.

 SS really liked this one, she named it jellyfish.

 How can she not enjoy having the whole place?

 I sent P pictures and videos, and he could not believe SS did not want to go home after a few minutes.

 SS spent almost two hours laughing, playing, and trying to get me to join her. That did not happen, I remained dry.

When we made it home SS stripped down, dried off, and in less than five minutes fell asleep on the sofa. P had to carry her upstairs, and the girl did not wake up until almost ten the next morning. That was SS's Excellent Splash Pad Adventure. We don't think we have many more adventures as SS is growing up and fast. It's very heart warning to have glimpses of our baby girl.

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