Thursday, April 20, 2017

We need a vacation to get over our spring break vacation.

P  scheduled our return flight for 7:00 a.m. to make sure SS would have time to rest, because she had school the next day.  We arrived on time at the gate, but they had closed the cabin door, and we were not allowed to board. The first flight we could take would depart in five hours.  Freaking great, there goes SS's time to unwind and nap. She napped for quite a while, but airport seats are not comfortable. Alaska Airlines gave us lunch vouchers, at least we had lunch covered.  Our bodies were feeling all the fun and mishaps of the previous week, and we were not taking it well.

 No A-A family vacation is complete without some annoying and/or painful incident. P returned from Maui with a bruised rib, and I had a busted ankle.  In New Orleans SS and I had  serious vomiting, cramps and 9SS) diarrhea after eating Taco Bell. It will be a long time before we have that again. During our spring break road trip last year, a suicidal deer took out the left side of our van.

This time P was bitten by we do not know what. There were bites on the other side of his hand also. It's weird because SS and I went wherever he went, and we do not have a single bite. They are uncomfortable, buy not painful.

Shortly after we arrived in Victoria P twisted his ankle, and ended up with a very swollen and bruised foot. As usual SS was very worried about her Baba, and demanded he ice and elevate his foot.  That took care of our two day tour of Victoria in Vancouver Island. But P got us a very nice room with a view of the bay. SS amused herself watching the water taxis, and the take offs and landings of the seaplanes

Now it's my turn, first I took a nasty spill at Capilano Bridge. There are signs all over the place cautioning about the slippery wet floor. Just as we were close to ending our tour I tripped. Unfortunately I was carrying a heavy backpack, which propelled me forward, I could not stop or break the fall.  P was a few steps behind me, could not get to me, and watched me bite it really hard.  I was so glad I was wearing my binder on my torso, otherwise the incision would have hurt so much more.

On the ferry from Victoria to Vancouver I managed to hurt my head when closing the SUV's door. The cut is very small, hardly a big deal. Except head cuts bleed like mother truckers. I knew I bumped my head, but did not realize I had a tiny cut. When SS saw the side of my head covered in blood, she completely freaked out. It's amazing how much a little cut can gush. I must have put a lot of force closing that door, because it happened Sunday morning, and while the bump is gone, the area still hurts.

We are understandably relieved that we managed to bring SS home in one piece. But the girl is still exhausted, waking her up has been upsetting. At least she was not bored senseless during spring break.

I was fixing SS's lunch and had a good laugh. Crunchy California rolls, cilantro and jalapeno hummus, with pita chips. Whatever happened to peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a bag of chips? I have no idea, but that is one thing SS has never had in her lunch box.  SS is not the only one walking around like a zombie. I have never done such a lousy job arranging SS's sushi, but I was in zombie mode.

Exhausted but she managed a smile. We are hoping we all get over our tiredness, and colds soon. Then I can go over the pictures and post about our little adventure.

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