Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dinner with big brother.

After too much fun at the lake and quick shopping trip we went home. We chatted for a while then went out for dinner. Baby S likes ribs and we decided to indulge her. We have no idea how long she will keep inhaling everything in sight, but are going to take advantage of her feast phase. Something tells us that she will slow down eventually and we have to get some weight on that little body.

Our girl did not disappoint us and ate 2 1/2 riblets, ten long French fries and had some of her brother's chicken fingers. Baby S also flirted with the waitress, the people on the tables on either side of us and anyone who passed by our table. We are so not looking forward to her teenage years. At least we have J to help us scare away prospective suitors.

Once home Baby S made it clear that the night was still young and she stayed up past midnight. Not something that we want to make a habit, but her J is here and we can't deprive her of as much time as possible. We are sad that J is going home tomorrow, we REALLY miss him and Baby S adores him.

OK, two orders of riblets and one order of chicken fingers coming up. I am so going to eat tonight.

Guys, I am ready to eat, What's the hold up?

I'm coming to get you, get ready to have your hair brushed by the mad hair brusher!

I have been told every day that I am NOT to touch Mama's laptop. What am I supposed to do when my hands keep disobeying my brain?

I am trying really hard to walk away, easy does it.

You can't get me, I'm with my brother.

They can't get me right?

OK, stay close, I might need you.

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