Sunday, September 07, 2008

A forever family for two months, and I mark the occasion by locking us out of the house.

Today we decided to head back to the lake to celebrate Family Day. After all Baby S has quite a few bathing suits she needs to model. I provided excitement right away by locking us out of the house. That is why P is on the roof of the house trying to find a way to break in. We both have keys but P always counts on ME to carry mine when we go anywhere together. Heck I'm human, it was bound to happen.

One of our neighbors is a locksmith so we decided to go to the lake then deal with breaking and entering into our home later. I don't think P was amused when I told him to look on the bright side, at least he knows our house is burglar proof. :)

Baby S HATES to have anything on hear head so hair bows, barrettes and hats are the enemy. I am only enforcing the hats because it is 102 degrees outside and she needs the protection. As you can see P and I also wear hats so it is not a matter of do as I say not as I do.

Look at me, I'm wearing the darn hat!

Sharing her turkey slices with her Baba; she ate five.

She spent quite a while playing with her sand toys but as you can see she is not ready to let go of us. It's funny to see how she manages to do her thing while on our laps.

Baby S is getting much better at drinking from a sippy cup. When we met she could not hold the cup (she chooses not to hold it now and that is OK with us) and would choke when the liquid came out. P made sure to keep her hydrated.

P finally coaxes Baby S off his lap.

Changed, refreshed and on her way home. Now P and I have to deal with the locksmith.

Out as expected but also as expected she took a power nap. The locksmith was surprised at how good our front door lock is because he could not pick that puppy. So $125 later he had drilled it out and replaced it with a new lock. OOPS!

JJ is coming tomorrow! We are going to take Baby S to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Family Day, but want her big brother to be there. We are really excited that he's coming to visit and we are sure Baby S is going to have a great time with him. P has to work, but JJ, Baby S and I will be returning to the lake Tuesday.

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