Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A first for me, a day with my kids.

We were all really bummed out that P could not get out of work to join us at the lake. P insisted that we go and enjoy ourselves. He told me that I should enjoy my first day with both my kids all to myself. You know what? I did, because it is a moment I waited so long to see materialize. When we arrived I complained that the temperature was only 89 degrees. J just looked at me and said, "Gee mom, ONLY 89, let's check the temperature where I live." A quick check on the iPhone and it was 59 degrees. Yikes! In September? As difficult as being away from J has been on us we just had to move. P and I are sun whores, we need the warmth and we need the sunlight, otherwise our energy is nil and our moods tend to get down.

Baby S managed to leave my lap for a few minutes of play here and there. She is getting the hang of her sand toys and although the lake is not the ideal place to use them she is making do. She played with her brother in the water and really enjoy herself. Baby S actually used him as her personal valet, handing him rocks and whatever other treasures she found. I had a fantastic time just watching them and enjoying the sun.

J stayed in the water most of the time and at some point Baby S and I were outside. I was watching Baby S play and J and I were conversing. I asked about his girlfriend S. J and I joke that she is like P, not realizing that she is White. S loves rap music and Black singers, it has always been her thing. Imagine my surprise when J tells me that S is going to attend a New Kids on the Block concert next month. Before I could react Baby S yells "WHAT!" Talk about a funny coincidence because that is exactly what was running through my mind.

We stopped for Slurpees on the way home and went shopping. At the store, a woman stopped to admire Baby S and followed us for a few minutes. J was looking at me like what the heck, I told him it happens all the time, just to roll with it. The woman approaches us and states, "She is amazing, so adorable, looks like she just came out of a magazine." Baby S just spent the day at the lake, is wearing a matching bathing suit coverup over her bathing suit (See pics 1 & 2) and that Speedo hat that while necessary it is not exactly flattering. Not only that, but for the past two days Baby S has had the worse hair days since we met. I smiled and said thanks, but kept wondering if we were in the same reality. Just as I'm about to tell J about Baby S's unusual bad hair days I see him take her hat off and tussle her hair. That little stinker! When he realized I caught him he just laughed and said, "I was wondering how long it was going to take you to figure it out." He had spent the past two days messing with his sister's hair in order to mess with my mind. What can I say, we taught him well. I am also glad to know that Baby S's hair will go back to normal tomorrow.

This evening we are going to Appleb**s as P wants Baby S to try their riblets. We'll see how she does.

J allowed her to play with his Nintendo and I'm sure she now thinks all electronics in our household are no longer off limits.

I like how close she is to her brother while playing.

She is not to happy because I made her wear a hat. Baby S simply loathes anything on her head.

I asked her where's J and Baby S pointed. She was probably wondering what is wrong with me if I could not see him right in front of us.

Sharing her new found treasure.

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