Monday, September 08, 2008

JJ is home, so we dgragged him to Chuck E. Velveeta.

JJ arrived home around noon and Baby S was SO excited to see him. Her big brother was surprised that she remembered him. Baby S actually reached out to him! Since his visit last month, Baby S has been asking to look at his pictures everyday. I bring her downstairs as soon as she wakes up and she then proceeds to point to a particular frame with family pictures. It has nine pictures in rows of three and JJ's are all in the middle. Baby S likes to point and look at him, sometimes gives him kisses. So cute.

I had been trying to get the kitchen done but that is impossible with Ms. Clingy. So I did what any lousy mother would do, greeted my first born, handed him a bottle and left him to his own devices. I was very surprised and pleased that Baby S did not cry or whimper once and I was able to get the kitchen cleaned.

When JJ was a child we mothers would use Chuckee Velveeta ( or plain Velveeta) when referring to Chuck E. Cheese. That way we would not get the kids all excited before we knew if everyone was on board to go. P and I were looking forward to introducing Baby S to the ball pit and other kiddie friendly things. The last time one of us had set foot in a CEC was obviously eons ago because much to our disappointment there was no ball pit. Also, very few toddler friendly attractions. Most people, after such a long time, would have entered and taken a look around. Leave it up to us to order before we looked and we ended up with more tokens than Baby S could use in a year. P and JJ had a blast using the tokens because almost everything in that place is about video games. Really, what a waste.

The noise and other people did not bother Baby S much, but she still had that deer caught between headlights look so we decided against having her seat on a highchair. She happily spend the evening taking turns sitting on our laps and being held by us.

Having JJ so far away has been really difficult for us and tonight we were reminded how much we miss him. We really had a good time and a lot of laughs. P was in full oversize kid mode and had us laughing. From teaching four "losers" how to play a game, to playing a game against a kid barely five years old and not letting him win. JJ and I were surprised because we really thought P was going to pull back at the end and allow the little guy to beat him. When we told him that P said, "Hey, I did that kid a favor tonight. I taught him that there will always be someone out there better than him." P did give all the tickets he won to the little boy, and the little boy insisted on sharing half with P. That was so cute on his part, so maybe he was not as deflated as we thought.

Baby S is an awesome people watcher and since we were seating near a birthday party, she got a lot to look at tonight. A few of the guests were dressed in punk rock clothing and had spiked hair and Baby S found them very interesting. We found out that she loves pineapple as she ate most of the chunks JJ brought from the salad bar. Baby S was also a trooper when it was time to meet Chuck in the flesh (or the costume). He tried to touch her and she let him know that was not going to happen, but she did fine when he posed for a picture. Baby S was also a trooper when P and JJ posed her in front of the TV screens pretending that she was flying and doing other various things. We were shocked that she did not fall asleep on the way home. Baby S was still energized and played chase with JJ before bed.

Tomorrow we are going to the lake sans P who has to work.

So close and yet so far.

P calls Baby S The Baby of a 1,000 Faces and here is why. I love that she is always making funny faces.

Are you sure this is sanitary? We never encountered a giant rat at any of the restaurants in China.

We printed this picture for Baby S's Who Loves Baby photo album. The album is plastic and childproof and she carries it around with her to get her Mama, Baba and JJ fix when she needs one.

P showing the four losers on his left how is done. ;)

My three reasons for living.

Had to get the balloon as Baby S LOVES them. If you want to get in her good graces just show up with a balloon.

Playing with JJ before bed.

OK, who the heck has a game called Flaming Finger in a kid's establishment? You know some yo-yo (or two) is going to find the thing amusing, play it a dozen times and get everyone's attention. Heh.

Because there's no way P would pass up the opportunity to use his flaming finger.

Yep, he won, he played until he won. Love the Flaming Finger dance.

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