Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Pillow talk.

Kind of disappointed that our AHA SS moment was so anti-climatic. It's who we are, boring old us.

Tonight I had my last class and will write about that later. It's been eight long weeks of drastically changing our routine and turning SS's world upside down. And that is only what, the fourth time in her short life? The three of us learned a lot during those weeks, but I think I took the biggest hit. I felt I was neglecting my child. P was freaking amazing, even when I was a royal witch because of the guilt. I spent five evenings away from my child, and it was coupled with P taking over school dropping off (sometimes) and picking up (always).

But let's move on to something positive. About two weeks ago I arrived home from class, and just wanted to crash next to P and SS. P was out but SS was very much awake. Again I felt guilty and tried to keep awake for my baby. I asked the same questions I have been asking since she started school last October. But this time SS surprised me when I got to "what did you eat at school?" SS said "Ms. T made soup with peas, carrots, noo noos (noodles), and chicken. It was very good Mama." I had been at school when Ms. T made that soup and SS could (or would not) tell me anything about it. Baby step, another welcome baby step.

We know we won't be posting videos of SS's intellectual prowess and command of three languages. It's the approach we chose, and we are aware that she is behind her peers. But we are so proud of her progress.

Post #27 of Spring Fling, I can see clearly now the rain is gone...

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