Saturday, May 28, 2011


Not the most articulate or appropriate thought, but that is the first thing that comes to mind when I find them like this. It happens quite often, and it does not get old. SS is four years old, and as I recall, at that age, JJ was far more independent, needed cuddles, but did not need the closeness that SS needs. Snapshots like this one remind us how emotionally fragile our girl is, and how careful we have to be to reassure her that we will never abandon her. This is our reality and we do not begrudge it, because SS has blessed our lives in ways we never expected.

This blog is a microcosm of who we are as a family. We are P, K , JJ and SS, a family united in an unusual way, yet experiencing normal growing pains. The reader reads and sees what we allow them to read and see. They are allowed (yes, all three of them) to run their imaginations wild and wonder what we do wrong, how we are royally messing things up, how we are not raising our child like we should. Perhaps they think I run the show, I simply snapped my fingers one day and P decided to leave everything he knew and wanted, just to please me (excuse me while I hurl). Others will think that a young Svengali forced me to rethink marriage and I am in a situation I never wanted and still don't want. Whatever...

We have documented a lot of the bad, because we never want our kids to look back and feel that we glossed over their lives. Posting is not done on a whim, nothing is published until BOTH P and I approve. As an adult, JJ is also consulted when his childhood antics are used to mainly make fun of our lousy parenting skills. And although we do not ask SS, we always post mindful that she will read our words later in life.

JJ and SS are our focus, we know we are not perfect parents, we have documented many of our failings here. We do not take ourselves too seriously, but loving, cherishing, and protecting our children is paramount. So what if we choose to tackle parenting with a sense of humor? We feel confident in doing this because no matter our failings we have happy, healthy, intelligent, wanted, loved beyond belief, well adjusted children, with a wonderful sense of humor.

So what if we joke that they are stoned, drunk or both? Live and let live.

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