Sunday, May 01, 2011

She was conceived WHERE!?

The title is a text message I received from a friend after she read this post. We planned to post about this pivotal moment in our journey to SS during the winter Olympics. But we are horrible procrastinators and here we are today. In late July 2004 we drove to British Columbia for a camping trip. Little did we know that we would reach a milestone during our time there.

There, on camping space #21 is where SS was conceived. That first morning in Vancouver we were able to bare our souls and be honest. I thought P needed/wanted a biological child. P thought the same about me. And there SS, in a very unromantic setting, we were able to open up and discuss what we wanted. What we wanted was YOU, we had/loved/raised/cherished JJ, but we wanted a daughter. We did not contemplate for a second playing biological roulette. We wanted you, and once we were honest about out aspirations, it did not take long for us to know what we knew and had yet to disclose. Our daughter was waiting in China. SS we know we are incredibly lucky to have you. We plan to return to Vancouver and (sort of ) recreate that camping trip with you. So yeah, you were conceived in Vancouver, British Columbia.

SS, we took this picture right after we made our feelings clear about you. Look at Baba's face, completely beaming about you. I know you can't see my face, but you can tell I am smiling.

Vancouver Lookout

I know it's silly, but this is my favorite picture from the trip.

I felt like an Ewok, and not ashamed to admit that it was fun.

Post #25 of Spring Fling.

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