Friday, May 06, 2011

Should we have named her Hattie?

SS's Auntie C loves hats,so I gathered some of SS's hat pictures for her viewing amusement. Then I thought it would be a good way to end Spring Fling, and of course hats off to all who participated.

As you look at the pictures remember that this is the same child we could not get a hat on while in China. SS has come such a long way. One thing is certain, our girl can wear a hat with panache.


We have to admit that in this one SS looks drunk.

She got an awesome tan in Puerto Rico.

And now recent some recent pictures:
P bought two of these Wednesday for to get us ready for water park season. This one is mine, SS's is pink. She did not waste any time commandeering my hat, and I do not do pink.

We bought these one for SS when we went to the Halloween Haunt at Great America, then somehow forgot where it was. Here she is eighteen months later finally wearing it.

Cheeky monkey.

This is the priciest hat we have purchased for SS.

We made it, Post #30 of Spring Fling! A big thank you to M3 for helping me conquer the Winter blahs.

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