Thursday, May 05, 2011

She is my sunshine.

Yesterday we had our weekly highfalutin lunch at the hundred dollar store. I also came up with the bloody brilliant idea to take a walk on the first day of real heat we have had in a long time. Never mind that we had to return to the store to stock up on food.

SS has a pretty brain bucket, but I managed to pinch her chin while trying to put it on, and she had a meltdown. We decided to forgo the helmet and the hassle.

Guess who got stuck carrying the quad when Her Highness decided the bridge would be "too bumpy" for her to drive? Typical four year old that she is, SS made the decision prior to trying driving on the bridge. Like I said, brilliant idea on my part.

She then tried it for a full thirty seconds before she returned the quad to her Baba.

Disappointed at the lack of duck sighting.

Shooing birds away.

Those annoying birds!

Our really loud daughter had the gall to complain that a child was being too loud for her taste.

SS is quite the consummate drama queen.

Her rosy cheeks were our cue to head indoors. It was only 85 degrees at that point, imagine an extra 30 degrees in a month or so.

She was never even close to break the speed limit.

When I am away from SS I always call to reassure her that I will return, because that is what Mamas and Babas do. This has become vital to her emotionally during the past eight weeks. I also sing her the SS song (a total ripoff but she loves it), and enjoy my sunshine's ending. Really have to secure her college education, winning Idol is not on SS's future. Of course I am no prize when it comes to singing.

This should satisfy the grandparent fix.

Post #29 of Spring Fling. Feliz Cinco de Mayo and wish me luck, it's my first on call shift in almost four years.

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Brenda said...

How cute is SS? DAMN cute!