Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter

This is the year SS learned she is no longer considered a little girl. She went up to the Easter Bunny to sit on his lap, and the attendant flipped out and told her NO.  SS could only sit next to him.  Now she looks like she is part of that creepy cult family with 19 kids, and even though menopause is here to stay still counting.  They only give side hugs, and that is what poor SS looks like.

We even got in on the picture this year, we just love The Beagle and were feeling guilty about our Disney indiscretion. And this is why we love Knott's.  SS walked up to the "line" where only two kids were ahead of her for these pictures.

To our knowledge SS has not seen Saturday Night Fever, but darn she's got that iconic move down.

When I saw the Bionicle (last 3 letters are c l e, don't know why showing as d e) box that Grandpa sent SS for her birthday I was so relieved that P is the one who does that stuff with SS. The ages on the box are 9-16, way beyond my scope of knowledge. I got home from work and P proudly told me that SS wanted to assemble the toy herself and succeeded. No joking here people, our tiny girl put that puppy together.  P had to help her with the wheel and helmet, only because SS is not strong enough to push the pieces in until they snap securely.  We are so proud of our little creator. 

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