Saturday, April 11, 2015

I was only hoping to film her kicking the ball.

SS's soccer games are on Saturdays, and P works Saturdays. Her practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30. I'm technically off work at 5:30, but that is a joke when you do what I do. In short, P goes to practices, and I attend the games. We have joked that we must come across as divorced parents with such acrimony we can't be in the same place at the same time. Until last week, the games were held at a B&G Club 20 miles from our home. Last week we started the last three games and those are held at SS's clubhouse. P is taking personal time to make it to at least one game, since they sometimes play two games back to back.

SS ran to her Baba very happy to have him at the second game this morning. I was annoyed with myself because SS hustled and got amid much bigger kids to kick the ball in the first game. It was such a cool moment, and my camera and phone were on my chair.  I try to be close to SS when she plays, because with all the shouting and different instructions coming at her, it can become very overwhelming.

Not only did P get an exciting greeting, SS walked him to the viewing area, proud to have her Baba in attendance.  Because her mama is lame and misses the milestones that should be recorded for posterity.  SS played the entire first game, and was benched at the beginning of the second game.  And I felt even worse for not capturing that kick for P.  When SS was called to play defense not only did I spring to my feet, I made sure to bring my camera.

Defense is tough when SS is so much smaller than the other kids.  I do worry about her getting run over and hurt. Her coach has been teaching the kids to use their heads and chest, and SS has been practicing.  Having a ball thrown at your head by the nice coach, who realizes how small you are; or by your teammates, who also realize you are tiny is not a problem. The real problem is when the ball comes at you at greater speed.

I was filming, hoping to get SS at least walking towards the ball, even if she didn't kick it. Best case scenario, SS kicked the ball, P sees it, and I film it for her viewing pleasure. Instead, this is what I got.

Not my best parenting moment, because she was not OK.  I dropped the camera, P ran to the field, the referee stopped the game, and SS was in tears. The parents and teammates were amazing, very supportive. The adults were concerned, they are cognizant of her fragility, but that did not stopped everyone from cheering and applauding SS's move.  We were really worried, and chances are that her glasses increased the impact.  Then there's shock, we know SS had every intention of using the top of her head, not her forehead. So she is caught off guard, it really hurt, and she was most likely embarrassed to boot. Thankfully the glasses held up, because we ordered SS prescription sunglasses first.  We now have to hurry and get her a spare set.

But at least she had both Mama and Baba present to offer her support. SS buried her head on my neck and cried for a while. Since P being there was the novelty, I asked her if she wanted to cuddle with her Baba. She immediately shook her head no, much to the amusement of the parents there.

Not a very happy camper, but gladly accepted the juice one parent brought to her. 

SS really earned the Sponge Bob Squarepants popsicle she chose after the game. The ice cream man is smart, and parks his van in the parking lot.  I'm sure he makes good coin during games.

It's been almost five hours since SS's unfortunate headbunt, and I'm starting to feel less anxious. She has not complained since we got home, and is milking her misfortune to get extra time on her iPad.

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