Sunday, April 05, 2015

Today SS earned her big girl street cred.

Her first big girl ride was Grizzly River Run and she handled it like a pro. It's always a good idea to increase SS's confidence by getting her wet. Even better if she gets soaked, which she did in Bug's Land while P and JJ went on the Tower of Terror.

The we somehow talked her into going in The Haunted Mansion. I was really apprehensive about scaring SS and blowing future big girl rides. But between the three of us we were able to ease SS's naturally scariness.

Then our last ride was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Who knew our girth would come in handy. Safely cushioned between us SS did not experience the usual slide around, rocked around from fast roller coasters. SS declared it her favorite. But our girl is fickle and next time she will find new favorites. We had a great time introducing SS to new experiences. Splash Mountain had a 75 minute wait and fast passes were out. We know better than to push our luck with SS, so we'll start our next visit with Splash Mountain.

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