Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Maybe she's a little spoiled.

Yeah, we know the answer to that, and she is. What other perfectly healthy eight year old gets pushed around amusement parks in a stroller? Then again, her stroller serves as mobile locker for us.On our last Disney outing on Easter we had a change of shoes for all four (sandals for water rides, sneakers for walking), change of clothes for SS, a towel,  8 frozen water bottles, and a bunch of snacks we hid under her seat. So SS's laziness is mutually beneficial.

It's obvious SS is going through a sticking out her tongue stage, and we can't wait for it to pass.  But to the point of this post.  Yesterday SS's donned her first pair of prescription sunglasses.  Two weeks ago I watched SS squint through yet another soccer game, and I went to our vision center, where SS had already tried the sunglasses and I paid for them. I did not even tell P, because, oh well, I'm working, my treat. P has them, I have them, it's not SS's fault that she needs eyeglasses and lives in sunny Southern California. Then there's amusement parks days, water park days, just being out and about days.

Check out our baby's Ray Ban's sport shades.  SS had been coveting them for a while and she deserves the treat.  I'm hoping not to jinx things, but SS has yet to lose her glasses (P and I did that, but found her second pair a week later), and has not broken them either.  That is quite the feat with a child who loses and breaks everything.  The picture above was taken in the lobby of my work. I had SS's soccer ball in the van and she needed it for practice. I gave her a two minute tour of my office.  Now P can stop complaining that SS has not seen where I work. He fails to understand that my job is not show and tell oriented.  The last thing I want to do is explain to my very young child what I really do, and why are there kids in rooms visiting. Or worse, have her watch one of my coworkers come in with crying kids just removed from their home. Rant over...

Crud, I just realized I forgot to take a picture of SS at my desk.  She is not coming to Bring Your Daughter to Work Day (what P wants), so that would have been a nice consolation souvenir.  I can always take her in the future.  One last picture of our way too cool SS.

Now, we spoil the girl but we are not stupid. I paid a lot for those sunglasses, SS won't be taking them to school or B&G Club. She can wear a hat on those occasions.  

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