Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I have been demoted.

Yesterday P came across a recipe on Food Network that he really liked. It did help that is was from his dream girl, Rachel Ray. She is his current #1 crush, after Susan Sarandon broke his heart by dating a 31-year old. Since we have been on a Hispanic food kick the Cubano hash sandwiches fit that theme. SS and I went shopping today and decided to surprise P with them for dinner.

We were in the middle of prepping when P arrived home. SS excitedly told him that she was cooking, and P said that he could see that she was helping Mama. That is when the C scowl appeared and SS "Mama is helping me." HA! Right there I was demoted from chef to sous chef.

While prepping we had a dilemma, the recipe calls for half a bottle of beer. P was wondering if I was going to allow SS to handle the pouring of the beer. Sure, why not, it's not like she was going to drink it, just pour it. P thought it was funny to watch SS hold a bottle of beer. Sometimes he (we) is twelve. SS did a very good job, as usual. I am waiting for a review of my performance as a sous chef.

I turned around for a few seconds and that was enough time for SS to dip her hand in the tomato paste. She absolutely loves the stuff, but does not eat tomatoes. We think it is a consistency thing for SS.

See the tiny finger through the glass? SS poured the beer all on her own.

Top is P's and how the egg is supposed to be cooked, but SS and I are not into runny yolks. SS's does not have the egg because she eats it on the side.

SS was satisfied with her handy work.

After dinner SS made a car and was very proud of herself. This is one area where we do not give in and do things for SS. We love to watch her creative side grow. She insisted on wearing her water park pass. Funky child.

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