Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poo poo in the potty (because defecation does not sound like fun).

SS did very well today with the potty and made seven liquid deposits by bedtime. Needless to say we did not leave the house because it was all about sticking to the every thirty minutes sitting on the potty thing. SS finally relaxed enough to defecate in her potty. YEAH!!!!!! And the timing was awesome because it happened when P was home for lunch. That saved me the embarrassment of making a video of my daughter's stool. SS is also in pant*e heaven, can't get enough of looking at her big girl undies.

This afternoon SS had an accident, she was hyper focused on playing and she pooped her undies. As we feared she was scared out of her mind, huge sobs and a lot of shaking. P and I reassured her that accidents are normal and told SS that Mama and Baba had lots of accidents when they were little. The things we do for our kids. It's just heartbreaking to see SS so upset. Tomorrow is SS's debut at school wearing big girl undies. We are hoping that it goes well.

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