Thursday, January 06, 2011

SS is amazingly good at colonizing.

This afternoon SS surprised me by playing on her own for a while. She usually insists on being next to me and having my full attention. I took advantage of that gift and quietly went to the kitchen to clean the refrigerator. It is the only task other than cleaning the bathrooms that I have to myself. I have been feeling really lousy and it takes a lot of energy for me to get through a normal day. Today I was spent physically and emotionally. I needed to focus on something other than pain, and I knew the mindless task of cleaning the fridge would do the trick.

I was only five minutes into the task when SS was by my side. No, not today, I really needed some time to just hyper focus on nothing. SS could not be persuaded to leave the cleaning to me, not even when I offered Nick Jr. She was determined to help, and her help turned a 30 minute task into a freaking odyssey. Because today of all days our mute child wanted to work on her speech. She would reach for an item to remove then asked me what it was. "What is it Mama, what is it?" SS is incapable of expressing a thought just once. She is a mini Mami. Then SS would pronounce or try to pronounce the word. SS has never been shy about butchering the language, she got that from her Mama. Why in hell did she care today about her pronunciation? It was excruciating.

That is when I had to remind myself to be patient. I had a flashback to all the "help" I provided poor Mami, and how she never once complained. "Patience K, patience," I could just hear Mami in my head. How is SS going to learn unless she gets in there and helps? And for a three year old she did very well, and I should be grateful that she has such a big heart and that she wants to help. Once I completely readjusted my attitude we had a good time. At least SS does not demand kid music and totally loves the songs in my current music loop. We sang, we danced, and we took our time. The pain was still there, but what the heck. SS managed to colonize the last task that was selfish me time. I think that is why the Chinese government sent their most potent weapon of mass destruction to us. They were afraid of what she could do to them.

Today SS celebrated her third Dia de Reyes, and we unloaded the last gift we bought way, way pre SS. The other two were the phone and the firetruck. She was thrilled with her Sit and Spin and we were hoping it would tire her good. It did the job, SS was asleep in my arms by 7:00 p.m. We are going to encourage her to use it before bed.

Just as I predicted, SS has not even looked at her former favorite Snoopy blanket. The same huge, inconvenient blanket that we hauled to Chicago and Maui for her comfort and emotional well being. Good thing we won't be traveling this year, because this blanket is even bigger and more of a pain to haul around.

So cute sharing her cookies with her toys, she is going to be a great Mama one day.

For me? Really? Wow, being half Puerto Rican has it benefits.

The hypocrite in me came out in full force this evening. SS cried when P removed the tree. Tomorrow is the last day they will be picking up trees so it needed to be outside. The same woman who had serious issues about lying about Santa did not have a problem lying when SS was upset. P had a good laugh at my attempt to gloss over reality.

I sent the video to SS's Godmother and here is her response:
"I'm smiling. Way to go mom. I can see all those Christmas trees dancing together at the dump now. Or maybe they are headed to the chipper where they will all be commingled :grin: "

Where do you think Christmas trees go?

P.S. Sorry about the the trashed living room.

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